• Gabrielle Woolley

How Twitter is Changing the Game for Social Media Marketing

Twitter began as a fun platform for short, texting-like communication. Since its founding, Twitter has evolved into a major social media outlet for not only social interactions, but important news information, socio-political movements, and marketing for businesses.

As Twitter becomes more and more dynamic, brands should consider how they can take advantage of the platform for their business goals.

Here are some of the best Twitter practices brands can use- as long as they keep it to 280 characters or less.

Twitter for customer support

Brands are taking to this social media platform to provide customer support. There's even a Twitter award for customer service to recognize the increasing amount of businesses using Twitter to solve customer concerns and address questions.

In the wake of a ground beef recall, delivery meal kit company HelloFresh dealt with concerns about their meat products. Via Twitter, the company addressed a wide-reaching issue in just one short, concise Tweet. Instead of having to reply to multiple emails or customer service requests, HelloFresh could efficiently address the issue in one, public statement.

Not only are Tweets a quick and easy way to communicate customer concerns and questions, but they put brands' stellar customer service skills on public display. With Twitter, brands can flex on how responsive, friendly, and engaged they are with their consumers.

Brands who Tweet

On Twitter, brands have the unique opportunity to "talk" and shape a voice with a distinct personality and tone. As more and more businesses join Twitter, its important for brands to keep their Tweet content original and worth following.

An up and coming mattress company, Casper, has fun with the concept of brands being able to talk through Tweets. On Twitter, Casper is super witty and clever. This distinct voice sets it apart from other mattress brands and allows for Casper to be more friendly and social with its consumer audience.

Brands who tweet can have fun with how casual and easy it is to communicate over Twitter, which makes them more relevant and hip to pop culture, internet memes, and whatever else the youths are getting into nowadays.

Tweets as quick, easy marketing

Unlike other social media platforms that might require more filtering, editing, and planning-ahead with posts, Tweets have to be short and concise. This provides brands a less formal means of advertising and promoting products.

Check out how Whole Foods used just one Tweet to promote Rosé flavored strawberry that would be carried in their stores for a limited amount of time. Seeing as its the perfect hybrid of the best summer berry and alcoholic beverage, this berry probably doesn't need many promos to be successful on the market. For Whole Foods, one simple, short Tweet was efficient for advertising this fancy berry (#roséallday).

By posting a single message or retweeting something relevant to them, brands can easily promote new topics and products. Its a simple and low time and cost commitment way to market.

Engage in Hot Topics

Twitter has become an increasingly popular platform for political and social activism. The Twitter hashtag has been used to spark huge online movements and dialogue. Research shows that younger consumers and social media consumers want to know about the social and political issues brands care about. With more businesses using Twitter for marketing, brands have the opportunity to be a part of these conversations, too.

In just a simple, short Tweet, brands can make themselves more dynamic by sharing what they value and care about. With Twitter, brands don't need a lengthy campaign or statement to get involved in important topics, they can do so in just a few sentences.

Twitter Experiments

In recent years, not only has Twitter increased the character limit for one Tweet, but it also added more interactive features. One feature, the Twitter poll, allows for quick, short-answer surveys to be conducted via one Tweet.

Jewelry brand, Pandora, took advantage of this feature to launch a new collection on Twitter. Pandora was able to gather important information from their customers from this Tweet poll that only took five steps to create.

Brands should consider Twitter's capacity to provide quick, efficient feedback and utilize their interactive functions to engage more customers from their following. Features like the Tweet survey are a free and low time commitment but gather quality results.

Twitter allows brands to communicate in a way that's shorter, quicker, and sometimes more casual and fun. This changes the game for how businesses can market, shape their brand, and interact with customers. Tweets are efficient, easy, and allow for more interaction than other social media platforms. From Twitter polls to trending topics, there's a lot to explore.

So get out there, hashtag it up, Tweet away, and have fun with it.

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