• Gabrielle Woolley

Get to Know Gen Z

Oh, millennials. The millennial generation has been described in a multitude of ways. They're associated with being narcissistic, being lonely and burnt out, and a very specific shade of pink.

But, Gen-Z is beginning to take over and find their place in the scheme of things. These mid-1990s to early 2000s babies are all grown up, and they're truly something else.

Generation Z is the digital generation. They've been exposed to the good, the bad, and the ugly of the online world since they first entered the world. Computers, cellphones, and social media have been a part of their lives from the start.

Growing up in the mobile, fast-paced, increasingly connected online world has certainly shaped Gen-Z. Compared to Baby Boomers and Millennials, their lifestyles, values, and ideologies are vastly different. They're also less likely to buy absurdly expensive avocado toast.

As they become more vocal and grown-up, it's worth getting to know Gen-Z. They're the new generation of leaders, influencers, consumers, and are already shaping society in unprecedented ways.

So, what are some of the attitudes, behaviors, and ideologies that make this age cohort unique?

Born to Stand Out

Gen-Z has made itself stand out as a non-conforming generation. They value individual expression and tend to go against societal expectations.

Compared to other generations, Gen-Z is more inclined to reject traditional expectations, social norms, and binaries.

With so many social media platforms, Gen Zers have the opportunity to promote their unique self-expression and self-curated different aesthetics. It makes sense that the age cohort that grew up in an increasingly connected world of social media wants to find ways to stand out in the crowd.

Mobile Phones and Mobile Causes

Gen-Zers have become well known for their social activism. They're a group of social justice warriors, championing various causes ranging from gender equality to environmentalism.

They've even been dubbed "Gen We" by some people to credit them for their tendencies to champion equality and social justice.

Growing up in the digital age gives this generation unique platforms to post, Tweet, and publicize their stance on causes they care about.

Gen-Z Consumers

When it comes to brands, Gen Zers look for "real" advertising. The social media world can be fast-paced, heavily filtered, and highly curated. Gen-Z consumers favor brands that promote authentic, inclusive, and relatable campaigns. This new generation of consumers prefer brands that use influencers or real customers to market products.

Along with this, Gen-Z looks for companies that are just as woke as their generation. Gen-Z consumers care whether or not brands are socially conscious and take stands on issues they care about.

They care about companies' actions and ethical behaviors. They view businesses as responsible to a greater societal good and aren't afraid to hold them accountable.

For brands interested in targeting the new generation of influencers, thought leaders, and consumers, it's essential to consider what sets them apart from millennials.

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