• Gabrielle Woolley

Everything to Know About Evergreen Content

Most digital content is temporary. Or, will achieve fleeting fame - until the next biggest trend goes viral overnight.

Evergreen content is online content that stays relevant. It's timeless and retains its value long term.

It doesn't go out of date, doesn't fade with short-lived online trends, and can be revisited whenever. Like a self-sustaining evergreen tree in a forest, Evergreen content withstands the test of shifts in internet culture, industry trends, and content expiration dates.

In a digital world in which brands are all pining to stay relevant, the concept of Evergreen content is worth exploring. Follow along to learn more about how to create everlastingly fresh content (and maybe more tree puns).

The Basics of Evergreen

Maintaining any sort of digital content takes time and energy. It takes a separate set of care practices to create and nurture a piece of Evergreen content that will thrive. However, adding this timeless content an really spruce up a business’s portfolio.

Evergreen content is typically long-form and informative. Some of the more common types of Evergreen content are how-to articles, lists, or educational pieces - like Bantam's very own guide to community engagement on social media or Facebook Live 101. Not to gas ourselves up, but the green-ness of these posts is quite strong.

It's more in-depth than a buzzword or trendy piece that is only relevant to a trending buzzword or specific topic.

Good Evergreen content will provide a comprehensive take on something that is applicable to different people and in different contexts. Just as evergreen trees can grow in most climates, Evergreen content should be able to thrive in various contexts.

Its value won't be affected by the changes of the digital world it lives in. Its value will remain over time, which can really spruce up a brand's content.

Benefits of Keepin' it Green

Certainly, it's important to stay hip. Everyone wants to be one of the cool kids, and there are benefits to giving in to trends. However, there's a huge competitive advantage to creating content that will have value over the long term.

Evergreen content is better for SEO. Since it can be revisited whenever, Evergreen content will rank better in search engine results, continuously driving more audience to content.

Because it focuses more on recurring trends or a topic that is consistently relevant or applicable, Evergreen content can be repurposed. It can be promoted continuously while maintaining its unique appeal. Like an evergreen tree always has green leaves, Evergreen content will always have a use.

Since its timeless and made to thrive wherever, whenever, Evergreen content is more shareable. Whether this means businesses can easily pass around articles about Evergreen topics or marketers can link Evergreen articles to other pieces, Evergreen content can be moved around and worked into various situations. This will ultimately increase traffic to posts, boosting engagement and increasing audience attention.

Ultimately, Evergreen content saves time, effort, and money. Its a reliable way to drive engagement and produce sustainable results. One quality piece of Evergreen content can creating a lasting relevance and be read, shared, and processed over time, regardless of its original publication date.

The Forest of Digital Content

In the digital world, the window for relevancy is shrinking rapidly. Remember when the distracted boyfriend meme took over the internet in 2017? It was the thing, and now it's not. Just this past July, #hotgirlsummer started trending and has infiltrated almost every social media platform, but who can truly tell how long-lasting its presence will be? This goes for all digital content, from hashtags to Instagram videos to blog posts to brand campaigns.

Content is in constant competition for popularity and attention. It is being produced at such a rapid pace from so many different platforms that the idea of any content sustaining relevance seems impossible. Because of this, Evergreen content is all the more valuable.

A quality piece of fresh, Evergreen digital content guarantees a timeless relevance online. For any brand, it's important to find a balance between keeping up with the fast paced digital world and thinking of ways to create content that will withstand the ebbs and flows of online trends.

Branch out and start brainstorming how to create Evergreen content. In the forest of digital content, its worth nurturing something that stays oh-so fresh year round. Or, better yet, contact us and we'll do it for you.

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