• Natasha Kalergis

The Best Social Media Management Tools

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Keep your inbox at 0 and your productivity at 100 going into 2019 with these 5 powerful social media management tools.

1. HeyOrca

With the new near just around the corner, it’s time to tackle your social media marketing goals full-force. That’s why the Bantam Team put together our favorite social media tools to make 2019 that much easier!

Imagine a world of social media content approvals ... without spreadsheets.

Don't believe such a thing of beauty exists? HeyOrca is an online social media planner built for marketing agencies and it has dramatically increased the Bantam Team's productivity when it comes to client approvals while eliminating redundancies!

2. DropBox

So, we used to be a Google Drive family/agency, and I'll admit that it was hard for me to change my ways when I was finally convinced to switch to DropBox. This cloud storage system syncs with Mac, PC, and most mobile devices for easy content organization and access.

The defining feature of DropBox over Google Drive is the user experience, which feels as though all of your stored assets are on your hard drive (without taking up the space).

3. AgoraPulse

There are a lot of social media management tools out there ... like, a lot. The reason we love AgoraPulse here at Bantam is due to it's super intuitive social inbox function that allows for organized and efficient community management across multiple clients and platforms.

All comments, direct messages, reviews, and handle tags are streamlined into an inbox where you are able to respond directly or send to a client for feedback using a link that goes directly to their email.

Once you have responded, just click the message off your to-do list for the most satisfying sense of accomplishment!

They also have a super intuitive social listening function, great for keeping an ear to the ground around relevant online conversations on Instagram and Twitter. Check 'em out!

4. Buzzsumo

This platform is my absolute favorite as it is crazy useful for most things; from content discovery and brand monitoring to influencer identification and competitive research, Buzzsumo is Bantam's go-to platform when we need to get a little extra help researching for a client.

One of my favorite ways to use it? During the strategy phase of a new client. You can easily monitor all of the most popular articles about a certain topic or trend in or to learn more before writing your own content strategy.

Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor and find the key influencers to promote your content, at a super affordable monthly cost.

5. Google Analytics

Using GA's in-depth metrics provides valuable information that can help you make the most of your online efforts.

Are you measuring how qualified the traffic you are driving from social to your clients website is?

You can have a solidified view of the journey your viewers take while on your website, and use the metrics provided to make changes to your marketing techniques as necessary. This tool is one of the most helpful for gathering data to make further improvements in all of your various advertising campaigns.

And it might seem obvious, but remember to check and make sure that your Google Analytic's has been installed correctly, otherwise it's not going to help you!

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